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Being a kid is hard.

And if yours relies on routines and predictability, has trouble organizing themselves, or cannot communicate effectively, going to school can feel so hard that it takes superhero strength just to get through the day.

If your child's pre-K through 6th grade public-school experience isn't supporting their needs, you don't have to tackle the solutions alone. I help families like yours understand their student's educational rights under IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), and will work with you and your school district to ensure those rights are upheld. 

I consider myself an "accidental advocate."

I found myself thrust into this world when my oldest son was diagnosed with autism in 2003. I understand the  emotional toll of never-ending meetings, testing, and conversations that highlight your child’s challenges.  Learning along the way inspired me to help other families understand their own journeys, ultimately helping them to develop confidence through knowledge, so the results they seek for their student aren't always hard-fought. 

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